Choosing the Right Electrician for Projects in Epsom

It’s a somewhat concerning fact that just one in every five UK customers asks an electrician for proof of registration when calling for a quotation. For home and business owners in Epsom, this should be an immediate cause for worry. If the electrical contractors you use leave a dangerous job behind, you could literally be putting your life at risk.

Competent domestic and commercial electricians will always be happy to provide proof of registration and, if you’re a homeowner in the Epsom area, certification to Part P is essential. With over 20,000 unregistered electricians in the country, it stands to reason that a sizeable number of local people have already received shoddy electrical work.

Raven Services are genuine electrical contractors working out of Ashtead. Epsom is one of our main service areas and every electrician working for us carries proof of registration. We’ll never fob you off you inferior and potentially dangerous electrical work. Our domestic and commercial electricians meet all current industry guidelines and legislation.

Checking if Electrical Contractors are Registered

If you come from Epsom and you’re about to hire the services of an electrician, we’ve listed a few things you may wish to consider before accepting a quotation. By adhering to these guidelines, you should be able to find a team of domestic or commercial electricians who are competent, registered and capable of undertaking all electrical work safely.

  1. Check to see if the electrical contractors you are considering are registered to the Electrical Competent Person Register. Reputable companies and individuals in the Epsom area should be fairly easy to find.
  2. Don’t be afraid of being direct with any electrician you are considering. You have every right to ask for proof of registration.
  3. Never let domestic or commercial electricians start work until proof of registration has been seen. Never arrange a date for electrical work to be started either.
  4. If you’ve been insistent and your electrician still can’t provide proof of registration, be confident enough to walk away and use another service provider.
  5. Never let substandard electrical contractors in Epsom fool you into thinking proof of registration is hard to obtain. It is actually very easy.

We want homeowners in Epsom to benefit from safe electrical work. Always ask for proof of registration when hiring an electrician.



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